Who Invokes the Power of the Natural World? by GM Amelia

Hi, Elpeeps! Do you know what’s coming up for your favorite bow-wielding ranger next week? Hint: it’s a new means for her to deal incredible damage by pulling in nature’s influence with her basic attacks and skills. Her abilities are about to get that much more impressive even as she’s just starting out in the Elrios adventure. Therefore…I CAN’T WAIT! ^^

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Void skype group for SD and Henir


Heard mentions of this but am not sure if there is one quite yet. I would like to set up a Skype henir and secrets group for the elpeeps that needs to perform their dailies. I have two level 70 with under gear lvl 5 gears…So I’ll appreciate all the help I can get.

Post your skype name or message me your skype name if you’re interested.

ah.. this sounds nice for anyone who plays void, my WS is near the range so perhaps I’ll join if I can >)-o skype: stefhuu —- //runs away..






Was very passive and not at all aggressive with this inquiry.

Though, since it was forwarded to the “proper department”, I think something might be able to be done about this if enough people send in this sort of question, so that that department is flooded with forwards of, “why no ED sinks?”

Anyway, gonna do a field raid, then retreat to Terraria. bye

I wrote them a letter awhile back, same story. If we tumblr users are strong and annoying, we should all tag elsword and just keep voicing our opinion til they get the hint.

I agree. Even if they forward my one opinion, it won’t matter unless they realize a lot of their players share that opinion. We just have to remember to be polite and avoid being rude to CS, because that won’t get us anywhere. Sadly, NA struggles with it. We just need to be persistent. We managed to get 2v2 back, and that’s something that KR doesn’t have, because only NA players wanted it. So maybe eventually we can bring ED sinks too.

In that case, apologies in advanced:


[Elsword]Mount users…


I think… I have become a person who is anti-mount users.

If someone uses mount at the start of my dungeon run, I quit.

Or if someone rides mounts through all my dungeon run, I also quit.

I don’t see any fun in running dungeons with mounts. It makes the game less challenge.

Especially in ElswordKR, there are some rude mount users. They deal all the damage, and they kick you when you is not able to kill any monster.