"You can’t call Add a Mama’s Boy! That’s oppressive!” yelled a SJW that plays Elsword and frequents the tag. It was too late. The army was arriving, chanting “Cishet scum,” as they burned down the Eltag. 

The Eltag was gone, all because of a harmless Mama’s Boy joke.

??????????>??>?>?>? what ? 
' _> ' )  … .

The eltag was peaceful… until the fire nation attacked

the eltag lived in harmony but everything changed when the fire nation attacked

only the non salty taggers could control all four elements could stop them but when the tag needed them the most they vanished.

100 years past and my dog and i discovered the tag finally from 3 week hiatus an eltagger named _____ tho his skills were great and he/she had alot to learn before he/she could save anyone

I believe ___ can save the tag